Railway transport

RAILWAY TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT provides advantageous freight rates and conditions for transport of all kinds of cargo from/to Europe, Asia, and through the ferryboat connection Varna–Ilichevsk-Poti-Batumi and from/to the former Soviet Republics. The department operates with an own central payment code for the Bulgarian State Railways and cooperates with a wide network of foreign correspondents and forwarding companies, where it has grounded a very good reputation of carrier and operator in the Bulgarian railway segment.
To meet the requirements and expectations of our clients, we can prepare and offer the most effective logistic and transport schemes, optimum payload and duly tracking of wagons. The main destinations that we serve are: from Europe to Turkey and the Near East and back, as well as from/to all former Soviet Union republics.
The department provides:
  • Transport schemes and projects;
  • International railway freight rates /import, export and transit/;
  • Local railway freight rates;
  • Organizing transport in separate and groups of wagons, as well as block-trains;
  • Organizing transport of cargoes from Turkey to Russia and the former Soviet Republics and back with wagons owned by the Ukraine Railways, directly conveyed to the territory of the Turkish Republic;
  • Organizing transport from and to Europe, from and to Turkey and the Near East through ferryboat complex Varna, directed to the former Soviet Republics with re-loading of wagons European Standard to Russian Standard once, as well as in combination wagon/trailer and trailer/wagon.
  • Combined transport: wagon/trailer and wagon/container;
  • Transit transport with separate wagons, groups of wagons and block-trains;
  • Transport and customs documentation.

The department organizes transit, as well as combined transports with an option for cargo re-loading and storage in the main Bulgarian frontier railway stations and sea ports.